From Tours to Truffles

Two great ladies from the travel industry, which currently is very flat, join forces and supply top quality fresh white truffles to the Dutch and European hospitality industry, Deli shops and Foodlovers from October 2020.

For many years Jacqueline Sajet has been travelling to the Italian truffle region at least 3 times a year. She speaks Italian fluently. She spends a few months a year on her own estate surrounded by truffle land in ‘Le Marche’, the region where the famous fresh white truffles originate from. With the current COVID situation Jacqueline decided not to sit back but share her passion for Italy and her knowledge of truffles with the Dutch and European food industry.

Jessy Lipperts organized beautiful trips to South Africa for 16 years. Recently she moved back to The Netherlands, where COVID also has stopped her from being able to operate her travel business and borders have been closed for months now. Eagerly looking for a new challenge, she saw Jacqueline's 'truffle initiative' and became enormously inspired. Jessy's background and network lies in the hospitality industry and her knowledge and experience of web sites and marketing communication is perfectly complementary to Jacquline’s knowledge and talents.

Instead of being sad for a long time about the (provisional) end of their respective boutique travel agencies, the ladies decided to set up a new company.