How do you store fresh truffles?

After receiving the truffles, wrap them in kitchen paper and keep them in a box. Change the kitchen paper every 12 hours. A lot of moisture comes off and it is important to keep the truffles as dry as possible so you can easily store them for 1 to 2 weeks.

The best place is the vegetable drawer of the fridge, at the very bottom. And if the truffles are a little white mouldy then take a hard brush to brush off the white, preferably do not use water.

Soft truffles are no longer good and should be processed immediately. Definitely do not store them together with the good hard truffles so keep a close eye on them.

Then you can also do the method below!

It is also possible to freeze truffles so you can bwear them a little longer. Take a container with which you normally make ice cubes. Shave the truffle into thin little strips. The best grater is one you also use to grate old cheese. Fill the compartments with the truffle strips with clarified butter and leave to solidify in the fridge. Then store it in the freezer. Ideal to accompany a delicious plate of pasta, take out 1 or 2 cubes and enjoy!

PS Unfortunately, this does not work with white truffle. White truffles cannot be boiled and should be used cold and untreated with a dish.