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Stefan Kragten and Jacqueline Sajet, both lovers of "Truffles" since 2020 also in love with Italy. Read their story here.

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The black summer truffle Tuber Aestivum. Season May to October Seasonal times depend on weather conditions, it remains a natural product

The white truffle, Tuber Magnatum Season October to January. Seasonal times depend on weather conditions, it remains a natural product.

The black winter truffle, Tuber Melanosporum. Season: November to March. Seasonal times depend on weather conditions, it remains a natural product.

The Biancheti, Tuber Albidum Pico we can find for you from January to April.

What is a truffle?

A truffle (Tuber) is a tuberous fungus or mushroom that grows underground, on the roots of different tree species in (mutualistic) symbiosis. The truffle is precious and is mainly processed in the higher gastronomy and is considered a delicacy.

What is so special about truffles? 

Truffles grow underground and are therefore very difficult to find. To find truffles you need dogs or pigs trained to find them for you. Because truffle is so hard to find, it is a very exclusive ingredient in the kitchen, especially the white truffle and the price varies from week to week. Truffle is used fresh and unprocessed on pastas and salads. A special truffle slicer is required for this. 

Where do truffles grow?

Truffles are found all over the world, on behalf of Antarctica. Even in the Netherlands, wild truffles were discovered in various places at the beginning of 2020. Most truffles are found in the secure Mediterranean area, with Umbria in Italy and France being the best known areas. The truffle's spores grow below the surface and are spread by insects. This is in contrast to the spores of other vegetation, which are rarely spread by wind or rain.

Searching for truffles is only allowed on private land with the owner's permission. If you have a permit, you can also search for truffles on public land with 2 loose dogs.

Each truffle has its own preference regarding the plant it lives with. Of course, the soil, humidity and temperature must meet specific conditions to create an optimal environment BUT without the right accompanying plants you will not find truffles.

Most well known are the oak trees, but also poplars and hazels are plant species and trees where truffles are found.

The truffle enters into a symbiosis with the plant. The root (= radice) provides the truffle with water, the truffle stops other parasites. The soil where the truffle grows should be naturally rich in lime and a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters is best.

When harvesting the truffle, it is of the utmost importance to keep the roots of the plant intact and to return the soil that comes from the truffle to the site where it was found.

This way (if you do this correctly) you will have truffles in the same place again next year.

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